Babies Learn to Recognize Words in the Womb

Biologists from Finland and the Netherlands have received information indicating that several weeks before birth, the child is able to learn a few words.  Scientists proved this by analyzing the electrical activity of the neonatal brain.

pacifically The researcher gave pregnant women an audio recording to listen that contained “pseudowords”, such as “tatata”.     After birth, the scientists recorded the brain activity of two groups of infants by electroencephalography.  The first group of infants heard the record with “pseudoword” before their birth, the second group did not.  Analysis of recorded brain activity showed that the brains of infants from the first group produced certain waves that could be associated with the recognition of “tatata” according to scientists, in contrast with brains of infants from the second control group.

gabapentin to buy online Another group of scientists has proven the ability of infants from Swedish families to distinguish the sounds of their native language. Swedish language, and to respond to the sounds of the English language as unfamiliar sounds.

It can thus be assumed that a basic understanding of the native language takes place in the womb before birth.

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Svetlana Stroganova, Nikolai Shmelev

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