Cognitive Reframing: Benefits of Seeing Things Differently

A  psychological technique to help identify and dispute irrational or inappropriate thoughts is known as Cognitive Reframing.  Reframing is a way of viewing and experiencing events, ideas, concepts and emotions in order to rethink them and to find a more positive mindset or perspective.  The main goal of reframing is to refashion negative thoughts and to turn them into positive ones.  In therapeutic practices, cognitive reframing can be used to help patients improve their memory, reduce text anxiety and cope with theirs or their children’s disabilities.

Tetovo One often assumes that if you do change the interpretation of your experience, this means that events did not possess any specific original interpretations in the first place and that there can only be one right interpretation.  However, this does not have to be the case.  The same event or experience can be perceived differently depending on your interpretation.  By shifting your focus from the positive to the negative aspect, you will be more attuned to seemingly negative facts than the positive side of situation. Your perception or interpretation of an event will ultimately depend on what you think about it.  When you change your thoughts associated with a certain event, your perception of them will also change.  A situation always has certain inherent properties, but its perception is an ongoing process that may develop and evolve over time.

However, you can not just choose any path for further development – your development is always preconditioned by your previous experiences.  Ultimately, your previous relationship will affect the ability to change your perception of the reality.

To change your judgment of an event, you should consider it from different perspectives and try to identify all the positive aspects, constantly reminding yourself that this event occurred  in order to  teach you a life lesson.  You should take from any event in your life new experiences which will go on to further help you develop your mental strength and your understanding of the world.

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Svetlana Stroganova, Nikolai Shmelev



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