Interaction Between Our Consciousness and Subconsciousness

Our consciousness and subconsciousness interact with one another.  Consciousness is a window to obtain input data for the subconsciousness.  It receives information from the environment via our senses, processing and converting it into electrical signals.  The consciousness sends electrical messages to the subconsciousness, which analyzes and stores data.

On the other hand, the subconsciousness manages the consciousness, making decisions based on all information available to it, while the consciousness carries out these instructions.   The subconsciousness holds the experience of  previous generations and an individual’s subjective knowledge which has been accumulated throughout one’s life.   Our subconsciousness is the part of our brain in which we still do not have access to, but it communicates with the consciousness by means of an electrical “language”.

Dr. David Eagleman, a famous American neuroscientist, compares the workings of the brain with the running operations of a company.  The subconsciousness carries out the functions of the company owners, or shareholders, while functions of the CEO are entrusted to the consciousness.  The CEO collects information for their shareholders and transmits this to them. The company owners make decisions and give directions to the CEO while the CEO carries out the assigned tasks.  Hence, according to this comparison, the consciousness only forms a model of the world and is the executor of the instructions sent by the subconsciousness – in other words, the subconsciousness manages the consciousness just as company owners would give orders to the CEO.

The model of the world used by our subconsciousness to make decisions is constantly updated as new information becomes available.  Therefore, if we want to develop our cognitive abilities, we need to first carefully monitor what data gets into our brain from the outside world.

Source :

“Incognito: The Secret Lives of the Brain” by David Eagleman

Svetlana Stroganova, Nikolai Shmelev

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