Is Attention Very Important for You?

By concentrating our attention on more significant tasks, we may be able to improve our mental health , efficiency and productivity, so long as we take care to manage our external flow of information.  Studies have suggested that the structure of our consciousness and subconsciousness may change continuously.  Although, scientists once thought that the brain stops this process after the first few years of life, in 2007, researchers from Harvard Medical School  found that our brain actually continues to develop throughout our life.  This discovery has been confirmed by other studies on both animals and humans, whereby today we recognize that the brain continues to reorganize itself by forming new neural connections and strengthening old ones throughout our lifetime.  This phenomenon, called neuroplasticity, allows the neurons in the brain to adjust themselves in response to new stimuli from the environment.  Hence, one can improve their brain efficiency during their lifetime by controlling the input flow of information and focusing on desirable activity.

Concentration is one of the main processes in which we can knowingly try to control our minds.   Attention is a cognitive function in which preferences to spend energy on particular tasks are determined by an individual’s interests and attitudes.  Any new experience changes the internal reflection of the world used by the brain to make decisions.  Hence, we should first analyze external information, filter out what is unnecessary and give access  to our brain only such elements which will be relevant to our view of life in order to avoid wasting energy and time  as well as the lumbering of the brain.  We can’t alter the flow external information that comes by our way, but we can control and change our perception of them by using our focused attention.  This skill will allow us to save our energy and resource, helping our brain to develop in a more desired direction.

Svetlana Stroganova, Nikolai Shmelev


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