We Can Rewire Our Own Brain Every Day

Everything that we do in our lives, as well as, for how long and how hard we have done it, will end up having an effect on our brain. Eleanor Maguire from University College London and her colleagues have proved this fact in experiments.   These scientists studied the brain of people who were preparing for the exam to obtain the right to work as London taxi drivers.

She researched a group of people who started training and observed how their brains were changing   during the learning process.  Scientists found that all candidates who showed enthusiasm to become taxi drivers had no difference in the size of one of the main parts of the brain, the hippocampus, before the start of training.   The researchers repeated the study when the training was over and it was known, who had passed the examination, and who had not.  It turned out that the candidates who had passed the exam, had a larger rear part in the hippocampus than before they started the training.  In addition, the candidates who passed the exam had a larger rear hippocampus than those who could not pass the exam.  This experiment showed that successful training increases the hippocampus for taxi drivers.

If you begin to perform some actions regularly, the appropriate part of your brain will grow.  If you   observe birds regularly, the visual part of your brain changes.  If you start to dance, the section of the brain that is responsible for movement will change its structure.

Our brain has amazing plasticity. Therefore, every day we are continuing to reshape and rewire our brain.  Therefore, it is necessary to have training in skills that contribute to the development of the brain in the desired direction. Source:

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Svetlana Stroganova, Nikolai Shmelev


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