You Are Your Thought

Sam Harris, the author of the book “Waking up. A guide to spirituality without religion”, states that the spirit of any person is his or her thoughts. Yes, we can agree with him that the human body is only a vessel in which the spiritual energy (soul) of a person is contained. Each person perceives the world in his or her own ways.  A situation may be considered as good by one   person while   the same context  may be viewed as bad by another. Hence, a person’s reaction to all things and, all events ultimately depend  only   on  his or her point of view. Consequently, the only way to achieve happiness is to change our own state of mind.

There are well known basic principles to train oneself to have a good positive mindset. Sam Harris mentions these in his book. These include concentrating on internal processes of human body, the testing of  every thought  and focusing  on life at a particular moment.  Sam Harris urges  us to kill all bad thoughts  and to follow  our positive emotions and memories.  He  writes that happiness is  illusory. In this case, all our world is fiction too. Yet, we live in this world  and want to be satisfied with our  own lives.  Hence, we should meditate and live in an environment  of our good thoughts.   We should  overcome the bad atmosphere  and negative forces of chaos and  try to find  harmony with our surrounding world and within ourselves.

We should love ourselves and believe that we are unique beings and our mind is all what we have. We must care for our mind  by meditating, a process , which is known to lead to changes  within our consciousness. The psychological effect  of this hard work will be obvious. We will be in  this state of happiness for a long time. Scientists have discovered that the structure of the brain can change  when  a person   practices meditation. Sam Harris encourages people to follow his example and begin  to receive pleasure and avoid pain  through meditations. These mental practices can  help each of us to become mentally healthy, emotionally satisfied and, hence, happy.

Harris’s arguments may be supplemented by a few  steps  to achieve this state of happiness. One of them is the improvement of   monitoring  progress and getting enjoyment from  any success. It means  that a person should note and record his little achievements on the path to  happiness and store them. Monitoring his progress towards happiness will help  to improve overall  attention  on the evolution of consciousness and to increase the capacity for positive thinking.

In addition, people should have  a record of their  positive thoughts as memories that they can request on demand. If something  affects a person  and provokes   a negative reaction,a person should be able to quickly return to his or her  good mood by recalling past  positive memories.   They should reach for a past experience  associated with feeling happiness,  which could help to recall this state of mind. The more often a person recalls and re-engages with their good memories, the stronger  these memories will be preserved over time, which will help  them to live happily in the long run.

Importantly, people should create friendly  atmosphere around themselves. In order to receive  spiritual energy from  positive people . It is well known that our subconscious often communicates without our direct control. Moreover, as we  receive most of the information unconsciously, we can not control this process. Hence, it is imperative that we should surround ourselves with  people with  interesting  and positive thoughts, as we will unconsciously absorb their energy and levels of positivity.

It should be noted  that people must spread  positive emotions and thoughts  and not clutter up  their mental space by negative thoughts. We share in the common  energy  field with the people around us and the spiritual energies of people around us interact with one another.  Your bad thoughts may come back to you because  these thoughts influence the  vibe of the energy around you and  impacts future events. Thus, to be happy, one should escape negative thinking to avoid  polluting  their environment  with their negative emotions.

Finally, we should  strive to  achieve positive  cosmic energy. People  live in an open system  because   our universe is infinite and contains different types of energy flows which have their own different characteristics.  A body, mind, consciousness and subconscious possess unique properties and , hence, you should find   an energy flow  that  corresponds best with your own. When you find it, this flow will energize you.  A simple example of this is the admiration for nature. A person who enjoys appreciates nature  is likely to elicit a more positive emotion simply by immersing themselves in contemplation of the natural object. At this point, their energy flow is aligned with the natural world and they are able to connect to the energy of the universe.

In my opinion, it is true that each  person may have his own way to be happy, but it is also clear that our happiness is in our own hands.


SAM HARRIS. «Waking up. A guide to spirituality without religion»

Svetlana Stroganova, Nikolai Shmelev

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